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To bring hearts and minds together; and, that through a relationship with God, those hearts and minds may stay together. We are so blessed here at Cherokee Rose, our land has always brought us closer to God. And we truly hope that your time here will refresh your spirit, open your mind, and clear your senses. We just want to share what truly longs to be shared.
"Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required."Luke 12:48


As a child, the owner of Cherokee Rose saw the potential of this old family ranch. Watching, learning, and helping his grandmother restore this old settlement homestead for years (along with the rest of the family), an idea emerged. An idea that if folks could just experience this place; touch the stones in the fachwerk walls, smell the harvests, hear the deer, feel the water polished stones in the Guadalupe, that they would be taken by a feeling that so many have been taken with, all the way back to our German and Cherokee ancestors. Our mission is to pay homage to all that gritty, wonderful, dangerous, hard, beautiful history by awakening all of our guests to that wonderful story... and help them create stories of their own.